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Angel Protector APP

“ Angel Protector APP is an AI- Agent for the protection of children against threatening and dangerous web content”
This app can keep teenagers in safe-zone far from negative side of the internet by analyzing all content that the kids are visiting and bloc them access to any harmful content.

Obi2 Combination of Artificial Intelligence Tools

“ At AMZiSS we are concerned about management especially how to increase process efficacy. We are focusing on time-loss in admirations process. ”
Obi2 is a combination of artificial intelligence tools to a high level of management. This project still under development and we are highly open to cooperation with other professional or academic to realize it.

Our Approach

Support 24/7

we remain at your disposal for any enquiries, our team is available to assist you in all the process of AI-solutions integrations.


Our strength lies in solving problems by finding the best solution and developing the complete product. Our solutions are solid and efficient.


We are trying to make word better by helping companies and people using AI technology.


"At AMZi Smart Solutions, talented professionals work on the development of smart solutions of systems for everyday life and industrials problems. Within AMZiSS, the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Group is currently responsible for the development of new initiatives that can help create safety for our clients children and make then protected online."

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Dr Zied Rouissi


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